First Step of Learnig KANJI

Here are the first 80 KANJIs Japanese children learn in the first grade of elementaly school.

Original list is provided by Japanese government at this site which is ordered by the YOMI(reading) and not suitable to learn. I sorted these 80 KANJIs and added YOMI and meanings as far as I know.

As you might already know, KANJI has plural YOMI(reading or pronunciation) in Japan.

YOMI has two category ON and KUN.

ON is reading as imported from China at that moment (it is changed when Chinese government changed).
KUN is corresponding Japanese word to the KANJI and often has additional KANA like as "休む:YASU-MU". I expressed this as YASUmu in the table.

As I am not sure if the reading is ON or KUN for each KANJI, I check them in the dictionary and update the table. Please be careful to use this table.





number NI,JI FU,FUTA,FUTAtsu 2
number SAN MI,Mitsu, 3
number YON YO,Yotsu 4
number GO ITSU,ITSUtsu 5
number ROKU MU,Mutsu 6
number SHICHI NANA,NANAtsu 7
number HACHI,HATSU YA,Yatsu 8
number KYU,KU KOKONOtsu 9
number JU TOH 10
number SEN CHI 1000
body part JI MIMI ear
body part MOKU ME eye
body part SOKU ASHI foot
body part SYU TE hand
body part KOU KUCHI mouth
nature CHIKU TAKE banboo
nature KEN INU dog
nature SEKI YUU evening
nature KA HANA flower
nature SHIN MORI forest
nature SOU KUSA grass
nature TEN AMA above the sky
nature CHU MUSHI insect
nature SEI Ikiru life,raw,
nature U AME rain
nature KAI shellfish
nature NE OTO sound
nature SEKI ISHI stone
nature RIN HAYASHI woods
color SEI AOi blue
color SEKI AKAi red
color HAKU SHIROi white
date&time NEN TOSHI year
day of week HI,JITSU NICHI Sunday,sun,day
day of week GATSU TSUKI Monday,moon,month
day of week KA HI Tuesday,fire
day of week SUI MIZU Wednesday, water
day of week MOKU KI Thursday,wood
day of week KIN KANE Friday,metal,money,gold
day of week DO TSUCHI Saturday,soil
direction JOU UE up,above,over
direction CHU NAKA middle
direction GE,KA SHITA down,low,nbenieth
direction SA HIDARI left
direction CHU NAKA center
direction U MIGI right
size DAI Ookii large
size CHU NAKA middle
size SHO CHIIsai small
human SHI KO child
human NIN HITO human
human DAN OTOKO man
human JO ON'NA woman
landscape SAN,ZAN YAMA mountain,peek,pips
landscape DEN TA ricefield
landscape SEN KAWA river
landscape KUU SORA sky
king OU king
street SHA KURUMA car
street CHO MACHI town
street SON MURA villege
action KEN Miru look,see
action RITU TAtsu stand,
money unit EN MARU JPY
name MEI,MYOU NA name, nice
school KOU schoolbuilding
string SHI ITO string
abstruct HON MOTO book,base,real,sound
abstruct SEI,SHOU TADAsii correct,right
abstruct SOU HAYAi early
abstruct NYU HAIru enter,in
abstruct SHUTSU DEru exit,out
abstruct RIKI,RYOKU CHIKARA force,power
abstruct GYOKU TAMA jewel,treasure,ball
abstruct GAKU MANAbu learn
abstruct JI letter
abstruct KI mind
abstruct SEN SAKI previous, earlier,far side
abstruct KYU YASUmu rest,break
abstruct BUN FUMI sentence,literature

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